Certified Nurse Assistant and How to Get Certified Nurse Assistant Job

Certified nurse assistants (CNAs) are in high demand in the health care industry. The doctors and nurses are involved in seeing that the patient is getting the best possible medical care that they can offer, which leaves little or no time to take care of the patient’s daily grooming needs.

This is where the assistant for nurses plays an important role in the life of that patient. The CNA sees that the patient is being bathed every day either on their own or with assistance from them. The assistant will also assist or wash the patient’s hair and see that they are achieving good oral care.

Positioning and range of motion are another way that the certified CNA can help the patient. For those patients who are bedridden or that do not ambulate, the nurse assistant will position the patient in rotation so that the patient is not laying on one part of their body for long periods of time. The assistant will also move the patient’s extremities so that contractures do not set in.

Monitoring a patient’s vital signs is also an important job duty of this nursing assistant. They will check the patient’s blood pressure, pulse, respirations, temperature and weight as ordered by the physician. This important task will alert the nurse or the physician to any bodily changes in the patient that could play a part in their general health and recovery process.

A nurse assisting employee is required to obtain special training in the health care field. An exam to become certified in nurse assisting after completion of the training is also required. The requirements to become a CNA are different in each state.

Many hospitals and health care agencies offer the certification for nurse assisting training program for a fee and the agreement of working in their facility upon completion and certification. A CNA can find employment in a variety of establishments, which include hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health care agencies, nursing agencies and working with developmentally and disabled individuals, just to name a few.

The job outlook for the health care industry, especially for assistants for nurses, is excellent. There will always be people who need to have their health and personal care needs met while they are recuperating. This is what assistant for nurses specializes in.

The CNA is the first person that is involved in the direct care of the patient. She is an extremely important person in the life of the patient. She is a highly valuable employee to the physician and the nurse.

If you are considering a career in certified nursing assistance you can apply for employment at a health care agency or nursing agency, a hospital or any other place that offers the certified nurse assistant program. Training is also offered at various colleges or continuing education courses in most cities.

Rewards are great when you work as a certified nurse assistant. The warm heart, kindness and caring attitude are what this profession is all about.

Certified Nursing Assistant Salary – The Benefits

Do you want to pursue a career as a certified nursing assistant? Do you want to know how much does a certified nursing assistant makes each year? Being a certified nursing assistant or a CNA is a very lucrative career indeed. Certified nursing assistants may also be known as Caregivers, Supported Living Assistants, Caregiver Companions, Home Health Aides, Resident Care Specialists, Nursing Aides or Nurse Technicians, but regardless of job title, a certified nursing assistant assists registered nurses in the care of patients or clients.

It is hard to estimate certified nursing assistant salary since it varies greatly according to a CNA’s job title. The average however for a certified nursing assistant salary is a figure anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 annually. Salaries vary greatly due to several factors like:

1. Job experience – technically, the more experienced (more years of job experience as a certified nursing assistant) the higher the nursing assistant’s salary grade. Job experience is the most common factor when it comes to compensation, the amount and type of benefits the employee receives and his ability to seek a higher position in his department.

2. Work area – the more specialized the work area the higher the salary is. A CNA who works in a surgical suite or in an emergency room may have a significantly higher salary rating than a certified nursing assistant who works in the ward. Employers and supervisors have the final say where staff is placed. It may be according to the individual’s work experience, his technical knowledge of the area and of course depending on whether the area is understaffed. It is also reasonable to pay certified nursing assistants and other members of the primary health team like nurses and doctors who are assigned in toxic areas of the hospitals since there is a high volume of work and a high stress factor as well. A certified nursing assistant who is assigned to specialized areas in the hospital may receive $2,000 to $4,000 more compared to a nursing aide who is assigned at the ward or in patients’ rooms.

3. Certification – CNA’s are better compensated than non certified counterparts. However, nursing assistants are not allowed to practice their profession if they do not pass certification hence it is impossible to even get paid when you are not certified. Certification is often the deciding factor for employment benefits and compensation which is also true for other members of the medical field.

4. Continuing education – some employers may consider continuing education as a factor for CNA salary increase. Continuing education means you are highly dedicated to your job and to improving your craft especially in finding ways to make your skills better and your knowledge sharper.

5. Location – if you are working at a tertiary hospital with complete facilities for patient care then chances are you are receiving a higher certified nursing assistant salary compared to a nursing aide who may work in a hospice care or in a home setting. A CNA who works in a hospital setting receives $5,000 to $10,000 more compared to nursing assistants who work for clients at home.

Location is also a factor for determining the job description of many medical careers as well as the cost of medical treatments and diagnostic examinations.

6. Country – there are countries that may have lower certified nursing assistant salaries compared to others this is why mass migration of CNA’s and other medical professionals are seen. Places where there is a high salary or compensation for medical workers are in the Middle East, Australia, Canada and in European countries. Countries that offer excellent medical care are often the ones with the best certified nursing assistant salaries paid.

Not only is pay better in foreign countries, there are also amazing compensation packages and travel benefits that you will never find when you work locally. Imagine your employer paying for your board, lodging, travel expenses, training expenses, pocket money and even your certification renewal just to keep you working for him!

7. Hazard pay – there are additional items in a CNA Salary that may increase his pay. Individuals who work in highly stressful and dangerous locations may receive a hazard pay and this can significantly increase his paycheck in the process. CNA’s may be assigned to correctional facilities, for emergency response teams, for fire and rescue and in the military. CNA’s in a correctional facility receive $5,000 to $7,000 more than a nursing assistant assigned in a hospital setting.

There are so many amazing opportunities for CNA’s to increase their pay and to possibly climb the ladder of success. Apart from being certified as early as he graduates from training, he must also get regular continuing training which he can get at home, online or through training facilities. Continuing training may also be sponsored by employers or the management and his schedule prepared to make room for study which can significantly affect his certified nursing assistant salary later on.

But apart from financial compensation, CNA’s work for the love of service which is an innate nature of most medical professionals. There is a great feeling of being able to make a mark in someone’s life especially when he is a total stranger. You may feel this as you take care of newborns, new parents, cancer survivors, relatives who experienced death in the family and many more. The value of service and the ability to make a difference is still the best compensation that is totally priceless. Many swear that they enter the medical profession since they have a heart to serve; this is of course far better than any high paying professional job. Big or small, everyone and anyone can make a difference. No matter how high or how low your CNA Salary is the best part of every work day is that you have served someone from the bottom of your heart.

Certified Nursing Assistants – CNA Job Description and Outline

Do you want to work as a certified nursing assistant but just can’t make up your mind yet? There are so many careers in the medical field but how do you know a nursing assistant it the right career choice for you?

A CNA is a certified assistant that helps registered nurses and other members of the medical team. A nursing assistant will follow orders made by his superiors as well as proceed with his regular CNA job descriptions just like the following:

A certified nursing assistant will follow orders that are given by registered nurses, nurse practitioners and other members of the health team. He understands basic medical terminologies and proceeds with precise skill when it comes to taking care of patients. A registered nurse or a head nurse closely supervises a certified nursing assistant’s work and he reports directly to his superiors for any questions or concerns about his job and about patients directly under his care.

He is not allowed to make nursing or medical decisions on his own and is not allowed to give medications to patients. A certified nursing assistant however may be allowed to provide or administer medications and various treatments under the close supervision of a registered nurse like nebulization for asthma, topical medications for skin conditions, eye medications like eye drops and many more.

A part of a CNA job description is to take care of patient’s personal needs from the time the patient is admitted to the time he is discharged. He changes bed linens, assists patients as they bathe, do personal care activities like brushing, shampooing and even dressing up when the patient is unable to do so due to his medical condition.

A certified nursing assistant will help patients as they are advised to visit specialists in the hospital premises or when the patient is transported to various diagnostic departments in the building. He does not leave the patient behind; he endorses the patient with care to the receiving nursing assistant or hospital employee and comes back when the procedure is over.

A part of a CNA job description is to support patients as they ambulate or move on their own after a major surgery or any other procedure that may impair a patient’s ability to move for several days. He may also transport the patient as per order of the attending physician to rehabilitation departments or physical therapy departments for continuous support.

Certified nursing assistants will assist in transporting patient to other treatment facilities within the hospital like the surgical suite, maternity or delivery suite, the nursery, dialysis centers, etc. He may also be advised to accompany patients in recreational places within the hospital facility like indoor or outdoor parks, the cafeteria, the chapel, the library and many more. He is made aware of the patient’s condition and he is also able to check for untoward signs and symptoms that may merit an emergency.

Also included in CNA job descriptions is providing excellent care and accommodation as the patient stays for a very long time in the hospital. He is compassionate especially to the less privilege and spends time comforting patients who may be disturbed or depressed about their medical condition.

Certified nursing assistants have different CNA job descriptions depending on where they are assigned in a hospital setting: Delivery or maternity suites – they are assigned to change linens, make sure that supplies and materials needed for delivery are prepared, cleaned and sterilized, accommodates mothers as they are anxious about delivery and many more.

Nursery – certified nursing assistants must be able to clean, bathe, feed, burp and change newborns during their short stay in the nursery. Nursing assistants may be asked to bring newborns as they room-in with their moms. Surgical suite – change linens, clean and sterilize surgical equipments, pack instruments for sterilization, clean and sterilize the surgical suite, make sure all supplies are complete and in order before and after a surgical procedure is over, assist in lifting, moving and transporting patients and many more.

Wards – a nursing assistant helps change linens, assist patients for primary care and instruct patients in the rules of their short stay at the hospital.

Emergency room – certified nursing assistants assist nurses in cleaning patients, mobilizing patients, administering nursing procedures like inserting catheters, giving enemas, providing tepid sponge baths, getting the patients vital signs and monitoring intake and output. Patients involved in accidents, medical emergencies and acute cases need quick responses from the medical team and a certified nursing assistant’s help is perfect in case there is a high volume of emergency cases coming in.

Geriatric care – old patients need to be monitored closely as they move about, eat, take their medications, adhere to medical treatments and in various physical activities. Nursing homes need certified nursing assistant to help assist seniors in their daily activities as well as assess for the current state of health of their patients.

Doctor’s clinics – certified nursing assistants may also be assigned to doctor’s clinics where they can work as medical receptionists. They will find patient’s records as the patient arrives, weigh the patient, assist the patient as the nurse takes his temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure and many more. He may also prepare the doctor’s office as a new patient arrives by changing soiled linens, preparing diagnostic instruments and many more. Pediatric area – children may be harder to manage in a hospital compared to adults and parents need the help they can get. Certified nursing assistants may help giving young patients a bath, a sponge bath, grooming and even feeding. He may also assist the nurse as the vital signs of the patient is taken as well as the intake and output for regular shift monitoring. Kids are listless and may complain as they are confined for days in the hospital. Certified nursing assistants must learn how to accommodate adult patients as well as pediatric patients to make their stay at the hospital a pleasing and relaxing one.

Certified Nursing Assistant Certification – How to Get Certified As a Nursing Assistant

What is certified nursing assistant certification? Do you need to become certified to work as a certified nursing assistant anywhere? Where do I get certification? Certified nursing assistants are individuals that work closely with nurses and other members of the medical team. In the United States as well as in other countries, a nursing assistant must pass certification to be able to work and earn as a nurse.

CNA certification is your key to earning a lucrative career as a nursing assistant. You can also attain rewarding experiences when it comes to caring for patients personally and being able to witness first hand medical techniques and procedures. Certification is important in so many ways; here are several reasons why you need certification for any type of medical profession or field of work:

1. Certification aims to create a standard in providing utmost patient care and wellness. Without certification, patient care would be haphazard and with no standardized system, mistakes or errors in handling patients and various nursing tasks are sure to happen.

2. Certification will create a common ground for all newly graduated trainees to work. They may choose to stay certified and work locally or they may find better work opportunities in different fields and even consider working internationally.

3. Certification for nursing assistants creates a better admiration for CNA work. No longer are nursing assistants belittled for their work as aides or orderlies; they are now highly appreciated as an integral part of the medical team.

4. Certification will allow assistants to pursue higher education. They may choose to study to become registered nurses, nurse practitioners and even become clinical instructors for nursing assistants. There are so many opportunities that only CNA certification can offer.

5. Certification shows that you are highly skilled which may attract foreign employers as well. Imagine working as a nursing assistant in hospitals or specialty clinics in the Middle East, Europe and in many other amazing places where you have never been too. Your career can take you to great opportunities to travel, attain international freedom, establish a career in a foreign country and experience life which is impossible if you just stay home.

CNA certification starts right after CNA training. Training is only from 2 months to two years but this comprehensive training ensures that nursing assistants are trained in the right set of skills, knowledge and behavior needed for certification.

After passing training, graduates are encouraged to take certification exams right away so they can start earning right away as well. Certified nursing assistant certification is different from one state to another but usually it is a two-part test. The first part is a written exam that covers almost all the knowledge, skills and behavior you have learned while on CNA training. While this part may look very scary for some graduates, rest assured that it will only cover what you have learned and nothing more. This test is usually conducted by the nursing association that governs nursing assistants in your state.

The second part of CNA training is a skills test which is conducted by testing centers in your state. This also covers all the skills that you have learned while you were in training so you don’t need to feel apprehensive at all. Passing the written exam as well as the practical exam allows you to become certified.

Passing certification is a milestone for any nursing assistant. It marks the end of struggles to become a CNA and at the same time a start for more amazing employment opportunities ahead. But before you celebrate, you must also learn about maintaining your certification. Requirements to maintain certification may differ from one location or one state to another but most nursing associations require continuing education units to maintain certified nursing assistant certification. Here are some facts about continuing education:

ยท You must take continuing education training to remain certified in some states while others may not require certified nursing assistants to do so. You must inquire so you will never have to worry about losing certification.

Continuing education is all about learning new tasks, skills and knowledge that you can use in your own career field.
Continuing education may also be your chance to receive a higher pay grade or be promoted from your position. Management usually promotes qualified individuals and continuing education readies you for this.
Continuing education may be taken online or from nursing assistants schools or training centers. Ask your employers or inquire from your nursing association if they honor online education credits.

There are more and more people who work a full time career who choose to train for continuing education online since you can still attend work and learn at the same time. You may train right in the comforts of your own home and at you own desired pace as well.

Finally, continuing education will be your key in caring for patients better. Not all patients are the same but each one deserves the best high quality care that you have learned in CNA training and in continuing education for certified nursing assistants.

Getting ready for CNA Certification is the best way to get a head start on your nursing career. As early as training, digest all information as you possibly can. Take part in discussions and volunteer for skills training as well. Take notes and listen to lectures; do not excuse yourself in projects and reports but rather take part actively to make sure you understand concepts and skills that are being taught.

Training usually ends with on the job training for nursing assistants, participate and volunteer as much as possible during these special learning experiences. Talk to assistants and registered nurses to get a good idea of how working as a nursing assistant really feels like. On the job training is also your chance to decide whether this career is indeed really for you or if you should decide to take up future studies as a registered nurse or nurse practitioner.

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Requirements – Understand Your Career

Deciding to become a certified nursing assistant may be the best career move you will ever have if you simply cannot decide whether working as a registered nurse or another member of the medical team. Aside from only months to 2 years to complete, becoming a nursing assistant gives you an eye view of what it’s like to work in a hospital setting and taking care of patients personally.

Should you find working as a certified nursing assistant be the right career move for you, then you are off to a lucrative and personally rewarding job experience. Learning all about becoming a nursing assistant is looking at the different job requirements of a CNA. A nursing assistant is a member of the medical team and a primary care giver for patients and clients. Here are the most common job requirements:

1. You will work side by side medical experts, nurses and doctors as all of you take care of the patients well being. You will follow orders given to you and render them in a courteous and professional manner keeping in mind total quality care for patients and clients. Simple orders like giving patients sponge baths to lower fever, giving an enema to prepare for procedures, assisting in bedside treatments for patients, etc are just regular demands of being a nursing assistant.

2. Aside from following orders from nurses and doctors, you have tasks that are regularly done by nursing assistants which are included in his daily work. You will replace bed linens daily, replace patient’s gowns, assist patients especially bed ridden clients in personal care, providing clean towels, blankets and pillow sheets and making sure that patients eat their meals provided by the hospital dietary. It is also your personal duty to provide patients with the best comfortable stay as they are confined in the hospital. Some patients may need more than physical care or treatment and you as a nursing assistant may be the only person to provide personal comfort and friendship as the patient struggles with his illness.

3. You will also assist patients as they are transported to different areas of the hospital for diagnostic procedures like CT scan, MRIs, colonoscopy, surgery and many more. You will carry patient’s charts and endorse them to receiving personnel and make sure patient is comfortable as you leave him for the examination. If you are asked to stay, you may assist in the procedure as well.

4. You may also be asked to join patient’s family and other members of the medical team as a patient is transported to another medical center or multispecialty clinic for further treatment. You may be asked to carry lifesaving equipment like IV lines, oxygen tanks and many more. Some nursing assistants may take extra units and become a member of a quick response team or join an ambulance team. You may assist EMTs in transporting patients, lifting equipment and even giving life saving measures like CPR and first aid.

5. You will assist patients as they are prepared for surgery by prepping the surgical area, briefing the patients on when not to eat and drink and even just by comforting patients who are anxious about surgery. You may also be asked to transport patients to the surgical suite and endorse him together with other members of the medical team. Post surgery, CNAs may be trained to measure patient’s intake and output and even his vital signs (respiration, pulse, temperature and blood pressure) should the nurse or doctor need to evaluate the patient closely. A nursing assistant must know the important emergency signs and when to call for immediate medical attention for patients post surgery.

6. If you are a nursing assistant assigned in a maternity ward or in the nursery, you may have different tasks is a typical day. Certified nursing assistants in these areas need to be knowledgeable in skills and behavior in taking care of mothers and newborns. Mothers are assisted from labor to delivery as well as when she goes to the nursery to breastfeed or when the baby is taken to the bedside for breastfeeding. You will have to bathe, feed, change, burp and clean newborns as they stay temporarily in the nursery and even when they are placed near the bedside. A nursing assistant should always be ready for first time mothers who may ask questions on how to hold their newborn, how to feed, change and even how to pacify their newborns. It’s a unique experience to become a part of a mother’s early days in caring for her baby and nursing assistants are fortunate to be a part of this experience as well.

7. If you are a certified nursing assistant in a nursing home, you may also have unique duties such as caring for seniors as they feed themselves, dress up, bathe and even ambulate. Although not all seniors in a nursing home require close personal supervision, a nursing assistant must exhibit a helpful nature for seniors to become comfortable and trust him in their care. Nursing assistants may also work with seniors in their own private residences; there are even CNAs that have become close friends and have developed lasting relationships with their employers allowing them to travel with their employers and seek further education sponsored by their benefactors.

8. Certified nursing assistants may also work with other types of patients that require special medical attention like post operative patients, children with learning disabilities, individuals with behavioral problems and clients who need physical therapy or other rehabilitative procedures. He may be employed by the hospital or specialty clinics or he may work on his own.

Certified nursing assistants duties may differ from one state to another or from one country to another so it pays to make ample research on these before you decide to take up CNA training and certification. You may also need to look up certification requirements and training entry-level requirements as well so you may start to prepare for CNA training as soon as possible.